Stroke Rehabilitation

STROKE REHABILITATION A stroke can have far-reaching effects that change every aspect of life. Both ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes can cause paralysis or weakness in affected areas, which can affect or impair basic daily tasks. But, the changes caused by a stroke can also lead to struggles with cognitive function and affect social and inter-relational ability. Even a transient ischemic […]

Chronic Conditions/Diseases

CHRONIC CONDITIONS / DISEASES At WholePerson Therapeutics, we realize that chronic diseases are more than a medical condition, they’re a barrier preventing people from living their lives to the fullest. With more than five years of experience, our female-owned, veteran-owned company provides occupational therapy, chronic pain management, and chronic disease management for:

Health & Wellness

HEALTH & WELLNESS At WholePerson Therapeutics, we don’t just focus on occupational therapy and chronic disease management. We also provide physical health & wellness services to help you enrich and enhance the quality of your life. Our services include:


SPECIALIZED THERAPY SERVICES Sometimes in life, things happen. We sustain an injury, illness or disease. This event can disrupt our daily activities and derail both short and long-term plans. Ultimately, all we want is to recover, move forward, and get back into a positive and healthy routine. WholePerson Therapeutics is dedicated to providing rehabilitation services that precisely meets this goals. […]

Home & Community Living

HOME & COMMUNITY LIVING At WholePerson Therapeutics, we believe in providing dignity and comfort to people through whatever means possible. Our female- and veteran-owned company proudly offers a number of disability service options for both home and community living, including:

Work & Industry

WORK & INDUSTRY WholePerson Therapeutics knows that employment goes beyond just getting paid. A job can affect a person’s self-esteem and mental health. That’s why we’re the clear choice in and around Shelton, Connecticut to provide employment-related physical rehabilitation services. Our female, veteran-owned company offers: