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A stroke can have far-reaching effects that change every aspect of life. Both ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes can cause paralysis or weakness in affected areas, which can affect or impair basic daily tasks. But, the changes caused by a stroke can also lead to struggles with cognitive function and affect social and inter-relational ability. Even a transient ischemic attack, a “mini-stroke,” can block blood flow to the brain enough that both the mind and abilities are altered in a noticeable way. A stroke can cause:

Weakness or paralysis on one side of the body

Vision problems

Memory loss

Speech and/or language problems

Changes in personality and behavioral style

As you may imagine, any one of these effects can cause changes that ripple and affect every aspect of life. Fortunately, there are a variety of rehabilitation methods to help those recovering from a stroke. It may not always be possible to regain function as experienced before the stroke, but stroke treatment and rehabilitation methods can aid in the recovery process and help regain significant function and independence.


Given how wide-reaching the effects of a stroke can be, recovery can be a long road. Even after release from the hospital, ongoing care will likely be needed. Both physical therapy and occupational therapy are often vital for providing help through the recovery process. Not only will basic care need to be seen, but a stroke patient will also need to re-learn how to perform certain tasks or learn to modify their routine based on new limitations. This is where occupational therapy comes in.

Physical therapy helps with the physical side of recovery, as the name implies. It is there to help build strength, stretch, and otherwise help the affected area heal. Occupational therapy, both in conjunction with physical therapy or on its own, focuses more on the tasks associated with daily life. An occupational therapist works with each patient individually and provides the tools necessary to help someone recover from a stroke and relearn necessary skills. Since strokes can cause different effects in different people, the emphasis on occupational therapy sessions is going to be tailored to an individual’s needs.


The effects of stroke vary from one person to the next. Likewise, stroke treatment and rehabilitation should be just as individualized. WholePerson Therapeutics will work with you or your loved one from hospitalization and stroke treatment all the way through to rehabilitation and post-rehab care. This includes working one-on-one with a patient to relearn how to perform tasks like walking, eating, dressing, and other activities for daily living (ADLs). Occupational therapy also includes learning modifications or using assistive devices when a stroke patient has not regained full function. Ultimately, the goal is to help every patient regain as much independence as possible and enjoy a high quality of life, even if a stroke has caused lasting limitations.

Each care plan will be different, so there is no one easy answer, to sum up, what we do to aid in stroke recovery. However, WholePerson Therapeutics can help evaluate a patient’s needs, develop and implement a recovery plan, and guide you and your family through the recovery process. Our focus is on the most important and impactful aspects of everyday life first. This includes learning modifications or relearning how to bathe and feed oneself, handle the shopping, and drive or navigate other transportation methods. In addition to the actual rehabilitation and therapy portion of the recovery, many stroke patients will need modifications at home to help with mobility. We can assess what modifications may be needed and help get those implemented so you or your loved one can be safe and retain as much independence at home as possible.

If your loved one has recently had a stroke, occupational therapy is one way to help them recover and regain their quality of life. At WholePerson Therapeutics, we treat all of our patients like the individuals they are. We personalize our stroke treatment and rehabilitation plans for each patient individually to ensure each patient gets the help they need. For those that live in Shelton, Connecticut, and surrounding areas, contact us today and see how we can help.


At WholePerson Therapeutics, we realize that chronic diseases are more than a medical condition, they’re a barrier preventing people from living their lives to the fullest. With more than five years of experience, our female-owned, veteran-owned company provides occupational therapy, chronic pain management, and chronic disease management for:


One in four Americans suffers from some kind of persistent pain. Chronic pain can lead to a loss of participation in family or professional roles, sleep problems, anxiety, and difficulty with everyday activities. Our chronic pain management methods can work for you. We help eliminate chronic pain by treating the source rather than the symptom. Your body is a machine that squeaks when there is a disruption in the system.  This squeak presents as pain, stiffness, difficulty moving. The cause of the squeak ranges from nutrition imbalance to decreased muscle strength.  We help you identify the disruption and repair it for a better quality of life.


More than one hundred inflammatory and noninflammatory conditions are categorized as arthritis, and they can affect the joints and the tissues surrounding them. This causes joint and muscle pain, morning stiffness, fatigue, and swelling. Reach out for more information on our arthritis therapy.


Our practitioners focus on a lifestyle change, weight management, health promotion, disease prevention, remediation, adaptation and maintenance of an individual’s function.  Individuals requiring bariatric care, or other care for medical conditions that contribute to their diagnoses of obesity, are trained to manage their weight, improve supplemental intake to balance the body to reduce weight, utilize techniques that conserve energy, use proper body mechanics and more.  This program is not a diet, it is a lifestyle improvement program.


Our practitioners are experts at analyzing performance skills and patterns necessary for people to function in their daily lives.  We effectively educate and train individuals with diabetes diagnoses on how to modify current habits and routines, implement new ones to promote a healthier lifestyle and minimize disease progression.  This program includes the assessment of medications, supplements, and techniques to improve self-care and function.


At WholePerson Therapeutics, we don’t just focus on occupational therapy and chronic disease management. We also provide physical health & wellness services to help you enrich and enhance the quality of your life. Our services include:


Take a deep breath. Essential oils were used to combat many ailments during biblical times. Today lesser grade of essential oils continues to be used to fragrance perfumes, beauty regiments, provide softness and beautiful smell to detergents and create a tranquil environment. At WholePerson our therapy grade essential oils are used to complement modern treatments for pain, muscle discomfort, relaxation, health, and well-being. On your visit ask for an essential oil consult.


Occupational therapists define spirituality as one’s beliefs about the world and one’s place in it and how one lives out these beliefs, through reflection and conscious actions.  There is very real scientific evidence showing that people who regularly participate in religious or spiritual services are healthier and have superior healing capabilities. Our holistic approach to personal care integrates spiritual health with emotional, mental and physical care.


The role of health promotion plays in occupational therapy is simple but essential. It’s the promotion of habits and routines that promote positive and healthy behaviors — improving overall health and wellness. These are specific to the needs of clients, and they can encompass everything to include nutrition intake, weight management, stress reduction techniques, and massages.


The foundation of engagement in daily life and optimal professional performance is a good night’s sleep. Our approach to sleep therapy has helped many discover consistently proper rest. Our focus begins with establishing a healthy sleep hygiene routine.


Sometimes in life, things happen. We sustain an injury, illness or disease. This event can disrupt our daily activities and derail both short and long-term plans. Ultimately, all we want is to recover, move forward, and get back into a positive and healthy routine.

WholePerson Therapeutics is dedicated to providing rehabilitation services that precisely meets this goals. With more than 10 years of experience and a passion for providing the best for our clients, Connecticut, we’re the clear choice for helping people with disability and rehabilitation needs. Some of our rehabilitation services include:


Vestibular rehabilitation (VR), or vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) is a specialized, exercise-based therapy program designed to alleviate or reduce vertigo and dizziness, gaze instability, and/or imbalance and falls.


One in four Americans or 116 million people have some form of persistent pain. Chronic pain can lead to loss of worker key and family roles, difficulty participating in everyday activities.  Sleep problems, depression, anxiety, social isolation and overall reduced quality of life. 

WholePerson focuses on the remediation, management and adaptive strategies an individual can utilize to improve their quality of life at home work and leisure activities.


The maximization of function, facilitation of safe and speedy return to work, remediation and support of workers to resume their worker role after an injury, illness or disease.  This approach contributes to the worker’s self-confidence, view of the self as a productive member of society and prevention of negative psychosocial consequences associated with unemployment.  This rehabilitation contributes to a better quality of life for the worker.


Repetitive motions, overexertion, injuries, and diseases often results in the need for physical rehabilitation.  The body experiences injuries associated with ligament injury or instability, muscle tears, strain, and avulsion/ tendon injuries, nerve injuries, dislocations arthritis, and more during everyday activity.  WholePerson has a unique skill set that allows them to identify the dysfunction and/or pathology. We utilize remediate, restore, compensate and/or modification interventions to improve the individual’s ability to comfortably participation in everyday activities.


At WholePerson Therapeutics, we believe in providing dignity and comfort to people through whatever means possible. Our female- and veteran-owned company proudly offers a number of disability service options for both home and community living, including:


Regardless of age, there are always steps that can be taken to enhance our health and wellness and quality of life. Our team offers personalized health programs and assistance in everything from exercise programs to diet and more.


Every year, millions of adults are injured due to slips, trips, and falls within the home. We take steps to reduce the likelihood of falls through home modification and interventions that improve physical abilities.


WholePerson Therapeutics knows that employment goes beyond just getting paid. A job can affect a person’s self-esteem and mental health. That’s why we’re the clear choice in and around Shelton, Connecticut to provide employment-related physical rehabilitation services. Our female, veteran-owned company offers:


This intentionally broad term covers numerous aspects of occupational therapy with the end result of helping clients continue to work. We individually assess the impact of physical disabilities, cognitive issues, and other factors that may limit work performance. Also, we help to identify barriers to success in the workplace, as well as other contexts or environments that either support or hinder professional roles.


An FCE is designed to evaluate an individual’s capacity to perform work. It measures their health status and body functions against the work environment and professional demands they experience every day. People can benefit from a Functional Capacity Evaluation if they have been injured on the job, they are looking to return to work after an illness, they are seeking vocational rehabilitation services, and more.


Physical Agility Test is the ability to change the direction of the body in an efficient and effective manner which requires a combination of:


  • The ability to maintain equilibrium when stationary or moving (i.e. not to fall over) through the coordinated actions of our sensory functions (eyes, ears, and the proprioceptive organs in our joints)
  • Static Balance – ability to retain the center of mass above the base of support in a stationary position
  • Dynamic Balance – the ability to maintain balance with body movement


The ability to move all or part of the body quickly


The ability of a muscle or muscle group to overcome a resistance


The ability to control the movement of the body in co-operation with the body’s sensory functions e.g. catching a ball (ball, hand and eye coordination)

This test is required for Firefighters, EMT, EMS, Factory workers, and many other industries.